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Peddie Card FAQ (10121)

Peddie Card FAQ


What is a Peddie Card?

The Peddie Card is Peddie's student debit card. Students can use their Peddie Card to make purchases at many locations on campus such as the school store, grill, dormitory laundry rooms, library coffee shop, student activities, and the athletic training room, and to withdraw allowance money. We are also looking into other ways in which students can use their Peddie Card to help reduce the need for students to have cash. In addition to its functionality as a debit card, the Peddie Card serves as the student's ID card and library card.

The Peddie Card is powered by the Blackboard Transact system, which also powers many university debit cards.

Where do I go to find out everything I need to know about the Peddie Card?

The Peddie Card page on FalconView is your single source for everything you need to know about the Peddie Card including how to find this FAQ page. To access the Peddie Card page, sign in to FalconView and click the Peddie Card button on the homepage.

What is the Peddie Card "eAccounts" portal?

The Peddie Card "eAccounts" portal ( is a secure website you may use to:

  • Check Peddie Card available funds
  • Instantly deposit money into Peddie Card accounts and set up recurring deposits
  • View a transaction history and monthly statements
  • Deactivate a lost card

How do I access a Peddie Card's eAccounts portal?

Below are instructions for accessing the Peddie Card eAccounts portal to manage a Peddie Card. Note that each card must be managed separately, so if you have multiple students attending Peddie, you will have multiple eAccounts.

  1. Go to the Peddie Card eAccounts portal ( and click the Recover your password link.
  2. Complete the fields described below and click the Recover button to continue.
    • Your Email Address - Enter the student's mother's email address as entered in the Peddie School's records. If the Peddie School records do not contain an address for the student's mother, enter the father's. After you sign in to your eAccount, you may enter a different email address. You can see family email address information by going to FalconView and clicking the Family Information link.

      [Peddie Faculty & Staff: Use your Peddie School email address.]

    • Username (Cardholder's Peddie Email) - Enter the cardholder's full Peddie School email address. Student email addresses are listed on the FalconView Peddie Card page.

      [Peddie Faculty & Staff: Use your Peddie School email address for this field too.]
  3. Check your email for an email from with the subject Peddie School Password Recovery. The email will contain a temporary password.
  4. Return to the Peddie Card webpage (click the Return to Sign In link or go to and sign in using the temporary password. When you sign in you will be prompted to change your password. Enter the temporary password in the Current Password field and then enter a new password and click the Change Password button. Once finished, you may begin using the eAccounts portal to add money, check balances, etc.
  5. If you have multiple children attending Peddie, repeat these instructions to set up an account for each child's card.
If you have any problems signing into your account, send an email to

How will students receive their allowance?

Students can make cash withdrawals at the school store anytime during normal business hours.

How do I add money to my student's Peddie Card account?

Peddie Card eAccounts Portal

The easiest and quickest way to deposit money into a Peddie Card account is to sign into the eAccounts portal ( and click the Add Money link for the appropriate account. Currently, the only way to fund your card online is by using a credit card, but we expect that Blackboard Transact will add the ability to fund Peddie Card accounts directly from a checking or savings account using ACH transfer. There is a 2.5% processing fee when funding a Peddie Card account using a credit card. This covers payment processing fees charged by the credit card processor. When you add money using the eAccount portal, the funds are instantly available.

Mail a Check

You may mail a check made payable to the Peddie School to the Business Office (Peddie School, Business Office, 201 S Main St., Hightstown NJ 08520). All checks must clearly indicate that funds are for the Peddie Card to avoid confusion with tuition and other fee payments.

Wire Transfer

You may also deposit funds by wiring funds to the school's bank account. For questions about wire transfers please contact Jill Donohue in the Business Office (609-944-7510, Below is the information you will need for the wire transfer:

Wells Fargo, ABA Number 121000248, Peddie School

Account Number: 2000031893666

[Important - This account number is only for Peddie Card deposits, not tuition]

For incoming international funds transfers, the existing identification numbers are:

CHIPS Participant #: 0407


Please make sure your son or daughter's full name appears on the transfer so the correct student's account will be credited.

Bank Info: Wells Fargo, 105 South Main Street, Hightstown, NJ 08520

    Can someone without access to the eAccounts portal deposit money into a Peddie Card account?

    Yes, anyone can add money to a Peddie Card account using a credit card provided that they know the student's Peddie School email address. To add money, go to the Peddie Card eAccounts portal ( and click the Make a guest deposit link. Then just enter the student email address, click the Contribute button, and follow the instructions. Please note that the 2.5% credit card processing fee applies to this funding method too.

    How do I manage spending limits?

    You can set spending limits for allowance withdraws and for purchases. For detailed information about spending limits please review the Peddie Card Spending Limits page. To manage your student's spending limits, sign in to FalconView and click the Peddie Card button on the homepage. Please be aware that if your student is new to Peddie, you must select a spending limit on the FalconView site. If your student is a new student and you do not select a spending limit, your student will not be able to use his/her Peddie Card to make purchases or withdraw money, even if the Peddie Card card is funded.

    Once you select a spending limit, it will remain in effect while your child is at Peddie. You may of course change spending limits at any time using the Peddie Card page on FalconView.

    Purchases Not Counted Against Spending Limits

    Peddie Card purchases for athletics training room supplies and for dormitory laundry washer/dryer loads will not count against a student's spending limit. However, as with all purchases, funds must be available in a student's Peddie Card account or the transaction will be denied.

    Spending Limit Changes

    Changes to spending limits take effect the next day. The most important thing to understand is that each change to a spending limit ignores all previous spending and starts your child with a clean slate. For example, suppose your child's allowance spending limit were $15 Weekly and on Tuesday you changed it to $30 Weekly; when the new spending limit took effect on Wednesday, your child would have the full $30 available regardless of how much had been withdrawn earlier that week. Similarly, if you changed the spending limit to $100 Monthly, then the next day your child would have $100 available regardless of how much had been withdrawn earlier in the month.

    What if my child needs to exceed the Allowance spending limit?

    If you want to allow your child to withdraw extra cash for a one-time special need, but otherwise do not want to change the Allowance spending limit, you may call the Business Office (609-944-7510) or send an email to to give permission for a one-time exception to the Allowance limit. If you send an email, please include your contact information should we have any questions or need to verify the allowance exception. Allowance exceptions do not count against standard allowance spending limits.

    What happens if a card runs out of funds?

    Purchases and cash withdrawals with the card will not be permitted unless there is a sufficient balance. Please be advised that it will not be possible for the Business Office to arrange advances into the Peddie Card Account.

    Remember, with the new Peddie Card you can instantly add funds to your child's Peddie Card by signing into the Peddie Card eAccounts portal ( and clicking the Add Money link for the account you want to fund.

    How will my child get his/her Peddie Card?

    Peddie Cards will be distributed during picture taking after Convocation on the Sunday before the first day of classes.

    Is there any fee for the Peddie Card?

    A new Peddie Card will be issued each year and there is no fee for this initial card. If your child loses his/her card, replacement cards cost $15.

    What happens if the Peddie Card is lost or stolen?

    Please either sign into the Peddie Card eAccounts portal and deactivate the card, or call the Peddie School Business Office (609-944-7510) to report a lost card. Replacement cards cost $15.

    Will all of my child's expenses be paid using the Peddie Card?

    No. Although many small expenses will be charged to the debit card, some will be included on your tuition statement. For example, parents will be billed on the tuition statement for charges such as Fine Arts supplies, transportation, PSAT/SAT/AP test fees, lost athletic uniforms, and for various Health Center charges.

    What happens to funds left in a Peddie Card account at the end of the year?

    Funds left in a Peddie Card account will remain in the account for the following year. Parents may request an exception (see above) to the Allowance limit to allow their child to withdraw the remaining Allowance balance at the end of the year. Parents may also call the Business Office (609-944-7510) and request a refund check for any remaining balances. Any balances left in a graduating senior’s account will be automatically issued a refund check.

    Can I see a list of the actual items purchased with the card?

    No, you cannot see the actual items purchased (e.g. Snapple, Sweatshirt, etc.). The Peddie Card transaction history available on the eAccounts portal will show the total amount, date, time, and location of each transaction similar to a credit card statement.



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