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FalconAlert FAQ (10084)

FalconAlert FAQ

What is FalconAlert?

FalconAlert is an emergency notification system intended primarily to be used to quickly notify as many students, faculty, and staff as possible of an emergency situation on campus using SMS text messages to cell phones. While FalconAlert is an important element in our emergency notification systems, it is not the only emergency notification method we have. Other systems that would also typically be used in the case of an emergency include a campus wide loudspeaker system, the chapel bell, a computer pop-up message, and email.

In addition to be used for emergency alerts, FalconAlert will also be used to send notice of delayed openings or cancellations due to inclement weather. Delayed openings and cancellations will also be posted to our main website (www.peddie.org).

How do I sign up?

All students, faculty, and staff will receive a custom FalconAlert invitation via email. Parents may sign up using the form posted here and also in My BackPack (under the "Resources" heading).

I signed up last year, do I have to sign up again this year?

Yes, you must sign up again each year. To ensure that we have the most up to date information we need to validate cell phone numbers each year and we have found that the simplest way to do this is to delete all accounts and ask everyone to create a new account. While the system does have the capability of re-verifying existing accounts, we have found that users find the re-verification process much more confusing than creating a new account.

My child does not have a cell phone. What should I do?

Do not feel obligated to buy your child a cell phone solely for this purpose, as alternative notification systems exist. Peddie has an outdoor loudspeaker system that includes voice capability to deliver emergency warnings and messages. In addition, all students have a peddie.org email account and will automatically receive emergency messages via email and can register their laptop to receive a pop up notification whenever a FalconAlert is sent.

If my child does have a cell phone, is he or she required to participate?

No, but we strongly encourage your child to sign up for FalconAlert. If you choose to opt out of this program, we ask that you verify your decision to do so by emailing Melanie Clements at mclements@peddie.org.

Is there a charge for receiving text messages?

There may be, depending on your cell phone plan. Some plans include unlimited text messaging, while other plans charge a nominal fee for each text message received or sent (approximately 10-25 cents per message). Contact your wireless carrier for details about your individual plan.

As a parent can I receive notification via email instead of via cell phone text message?

If you only want to receive notifications via email, then on the parent sign up page leave the mobile phone number blank and enter only your email address.

How can I manage my account (e.g. update cell phone information, etc.)?

Students, faculty, and staff, you can manage your account by going to the sign-in page here and signing in using your Peddie School email address as username and the password information you used to create your account. Parents, sign in using the email address and password you used to create your account. If you forgot your password, go to this page and click the Forgot your password? link.

I have technical question about FalconAlert. Whom should I contact?

Contact Ryan Bennett, Director of Technology, at 609-944-7625 or email him at rbennett@peddie.org.

I have questions about Peddie’s emergency notification policies. Whom should I contact?

Contact Melanie Clements, Assistant Head for Student Life, at mclements@peddie.org, or contact her via phone when school is in session at 609-944-7505.

I’m not sure if I have text-messaging capabilities on my cell phone. Can I still use the system?

The system will not work without text messaging. Most cell phones have text-messaging capabilities even if it is not included as part of your plan. To determine whether you can receive text messages on your phone, attempt to sign up for FalconAlert. As part of the registration process, FalconAlert will send you a text message verifying that you have registered.

I was not able to complete the validation process.

Students, faculty, and staff, if you run into a problem signing up, please come to the Technology Center with your mobile phone.

Parents, if you have trouble signing up please contact Ryan Bennett (rbennett@peddie.org). Please note that FalconAlert only works with mobile phones which work in the United States, but keep in mind that you may also sign up using email rather than SMS.

I turned off text messaging because of text messaging spam. Can I still participate in the FalconAlert system?

No, text messaging must be enabled to participate. However, most systems do allow you to change settings which can be used to limit text messaging spam. Unfortunately, with so many different carriers we cannot provide instructions setting up filters. Please visit your carrier's web page or give them a call to find out how to do this.

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