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Acceptable Use Policy (10002)

Peddie Acceptable Use Policy

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Peddie AUP

Non-Peddie Computers & Devices Policy

Peddie AUP

The Peddie Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is published on our main web site at the URL below. The Peddie AUP is intentionally general in nature addressing overriding policies rather than trying to itemize every possible use of technology which changes constantly. Please read the AUP carefully. Please address any questions about the AUP to Ryan Bennett (, 609-944-7625)


Some of the things the AUP covers:

  • Accessing accounts of others without permission
  • Impersonating others
  • Electronic communication (email, instant messaging, weblogs, social media, etc.)
  • Downloading copyrighted material (e.g. songs, movies, etc.)
  • Accessing inappropriate material (pornography, hate sites, etc.)
  • Posting personal information
  • Consequences for violations



Non-Peddie Computers & Devices Policy

Students may bring their own computers or other network connected portable devices. Regardless of whether or not a student brings a personal computer, all students will be issued a Peddie laptop and will be expected to bring their Peddie laptop to class whenever a laptop is required.

If you choose to bring a personal computer, please keep the following in mind:

  • Using a non-Peddie device on the Peddie network is a privilege. Any violation of the Peddie School AUP will result in the loss of the privilege to use a non-Peddie device on campus. We are strict about enforcing this policy and we do not give second chances.
  • Whenever teachers require a computer to be brought to class, students must bring their Peddie laptop. Peddie laptops are pre-loaded with all of the software students will need for their classes and they are centrally managed and configured which ensures that we can support them at a very high level. Ensuring that every student has a working laptop that is loaded and configured in a way that will allow students to do anything our faculty requires is extremely important. It is our experience that the use of non-Peddie computers (both Macs and PC's) in class often results in issues that can be a distraction and can waste precious class time.
  • You may not use a non-Peddie computer to connect to network resources such as shared network folders, network printers, etc.
  • The only service we provide for non-Peddie computers and devices is limited and lower priority support to help connect them to the Peddie network. Any student experiencing difficulty connecting a non-Peddie device to the network may come to the Technology Center. Note that during peak support times such as the beginning of the school year we may ask a student requesting help for such a device to return at a later time. Also, note that we will make a limited good faith effort to help get non-Peddie devices connected to the Peddie network; however, our support does not include in depth troubleshooting of problems on non-Peddie devices nor do we guarantee that all non-Peddie devices are compatible with our network.
  • Students are responsible for turning in electronic work using the appropriate file format. Typically, for all but the most tech-savvy students, it is easiest to complete all assignments using a Peddie laptop to avoid any potential file format issues. If an assignment is not turned in using a format that can be read on a teacher's laptop by the due date the assignment will be considered late.
  • All devices attached to the Peddie network must have up to date anti-virus and operating system patches. We strongly recommend making sure a personal computer is up to date in these areas before bringing it to campus. A personal computer that has out of date anti-virus or OS software will not be allowed to register which may result in a significant delay getting it connected to the Internet via the Peddie network.
  • We do not allow software licensed to the Peddie School to be installed on non-Peddie computers as this would violate our licensing agreements.

Student may not bring the following to campus:

  • Servers of any kind including computers which run server-type services such as web servers, proxies, file shares, dhcp, etc. When in doubt, students should ask the Technology Department before plugging a piece of equipment into the Peddie Network. Typically, the only computers we allow run Windows client OS's, Mac OS, and client focused versions of Linux (e.g. Ubuntu).
  • Network equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited! This includes things such as network switches, broadband routers, and wireless access points. Again, before plugging anything except a standard personal computer into the Peddie network students must first ask the Technology Department for permission. Violation of this rule could result in the loss of the privilege to connect any non-Peddie device to the Peddie network.

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